IDEC manufactures Pipe Supports from Carbon Steel including Special Alloys, Aluminum, or Various types of Stainless Steel including 1.4462 Duplex. IDEC also manufactures some specially designed products of their Clients serially.

The Production processes are; Cutting (Plasma & Laser),Cold Forming, Bending (Diameter from DN15 to DN4000), Punching, Drilling, Machining, Welding (Manual & Robotic), Painting, Galvanising (Hot Dip & Electro), Passivating for SS.


The core business of IDEC is manufacturing Pipe Supports according to the various specifications of the worldwide projects needs.  IDEC produces Primary Pipe Supports for various industries such as; Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Marine, Offshore, LNG and etc.  The production and the certification can be done according to the EN or ASME standards.  All types of various designs can be integrated in to the serial production line of IDEC.


The production of Secondary Supports are also included in the scope when IDEC is responsible for a project concerning Pipe Supports.  There is another line in the production of IDEC for Secondary Supports.