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We are a young

IDEC is a global manufacturer for various pipe supports and various types of brackets from mild steel and stainless steel.

IDEC has a serial production system that can be adapted to the special requests of their clients. Idec is organised by means of enterprise resource planning-erp system which integrates design, planning, production, procurement, warehousing, commercial and financial information.

IDEC maintains their quality with Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Certification of ISO 9001:2008.




IDEC has a team that is always improving themselves. That makes the future easier quality wise, price wise, and delivery time wise. Thus, the orders of the Clients are produced with the highest quality and competitive prices. There aren’t delays at requested delivery times given. Therefore, the Clients always request IDEC to add new items to the production line.

Because of this reason; IDEC can easily make serial production according to their Client’s special requests.



IDEC Pipe Supports are being used for marine industry all over the world for long years. IDEC also produces Pipe Supports for the industrial plants. IDEC produces Pipe Supports from 1/2 inch up to 60 inches. In the recent years, IDEC has started producing special materials for the construction projects in the middle east such as the “Mataf Expansion Project” in Makkah.



12500 Pcs.

Daily Products


9100 Kgs.

Daily Production


1300 Mts.

Daily Welding


16 Locations

In the World



IDEC has three exantrical ce certified presses (30, 80, and 160 tons) and a 200 tons hydraulic press in the production line. With over 100 moulds used for punching, bending, and forming IDEC meets the client’s demands.
Robotic Welding

Robotic Welding

IDEC has three full automatic mig welding robots with seven stations and four 360° positioners in total. In order to meet the client’s demands as fast as possible; IDEC designs special fixtures to be used at the robot stations.
Manuel Welding

Manual Welding

IDEC has a fully well trained and a certified manual welding team who is able to do mig and tig welding of mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

What Makes Us Different

Competitive Prices

We are using latest technology machines to lower the labor and to increase the productivity! So, we can easily compete with the far eastern prices!

Just in time Delivery

We have an erp system which we use for production planning. We have a map of our experiences that we use to see the future!

High Quality

We only use highest quality raw material and we combine it with latest technology machinery under the control of responsible people.

Do you Need Serial Production
For your Specially designed items?

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Client Testimonials

When we are talking about IDEC you should not worry about quality of the product you have ordered, because quality is the basis of IDEC's business philosophy. Quality, competitive prices and in-time delivery - this is what you are receiving from cooperation with this company.

Alexander Malenik Senior Purchaser Nakilat Damen Shipyards Qatar Ltd.

Service is very good, the packing was perfect, we have started using your products.

Sigurður Tryggvason Purchasing Manager Kælismidjan Frost Iceland

Cooperating with IDEC surprised us from the very beginning not only due to their quality but also for the customer focus and quick problem solving.

Konstantina Tsoukatos General Manager Tsoukatos Ltd. Greece

No matter what the quantity is;
no matter what the product is; or no matter what the material is, we do everything perfect!

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